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SOLAr PV + Battery Storage

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Solar PV + Battery Storage systems help reduce the amount of electricity customers buy from the grid. 

Saving money on electric bills is easy because the household electric demand is covered by solar panels during the day and offset by discharging the storage battery in the evening or at night.

Installing a Solar PV + Battery Storage System also provides a sense of security when severe weather events occur.  Hurricanes and strong tropical depressions hit the Hawaiian Islands every year, causing damage to buildings and prolonged power outages.  Storage batteries are ideal for powering essential household electrical loads such lighting, refrigeration, and Wi-Fi in these situations.  

Poncho's Solar carries a variety of Solar PV + Battery Storage systems from manufacturers such as Q Cells, Sol-Ark, and Simpliphi.  Contact us to find the right system for your household energy needs.

heco battery bonus program & solar incentives

The national Solar Incentive Tax Credit (ITC) and new HECO Battery Bonus allow home owners to be reimbursed a certain percentage of the equipment and installation costs or for self-consumption or feeding back to the grid during peak demand periods.*  Contact Poncho's Solar today to learn about these incentive programs.   


(*Refer to the specific details of each program.)