Energy Solutions

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Engineering, Procurement, Construction

About Us

Poncho's Solar has specialized in the sale and installation of Solar PV systems throughout Hawaii since 1987. In May of 2021, Ms. Harumi Fujii McClure acquired the PV side of the business from the original owner.  Poncho's Solar continues to sell and install solar solutions as an EPC (Equipment, Procurement, and Construction) company. Our sales consultants provide tremendous value to customers by offering solar solutions to fit the energy needs of each customer. Safety is of utmost importance, which is why the Poncho's Solar installation team follows the strictest safety standards during installation, commissioning, and servicing of all solar equipment.

eStat Energy Solutions is focused on providing resilient and affordable clean energy solutions in the residential energy sector.  eStat’s innovative cloud-based energy optimization and management technology allows homeowners to build a sustainable Zero Carbon Smart Home that achieves NEM-equivalent savings in Hawaii.  The technology also enables homes to become resilient nano-grids through storage batteries which provide backup power when service disruptions occur on the grid.


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